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SMT Interconnects Enhance High-Volume Surface Mount Assembly

WECO's SMarTconn family of surface mount terminal blocks now includes a 3.5 mm pitch version. Designated the 930-D-SMD Series, these terminal blocks are available in 2-12 poles and are constructed for reflow processes used in today's automated pick and place assembly systems.

The 930 D-SMD is the only 3.5 mm pitch terminal block on the market that embeds a 'floating' property in the terminal contact bodies. The floating pin design ensures total co-planarity adaptation to the PCB surface and fully eliminates the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) mismatch effect. SMarTconn surface mount terminal blocks deliver robust solder joints, provide retention of the component to the surface of the PCB, and adaptability of contact pins to planar variations of the PCB.

Ideal for high-volume production systems, the 930-D-SMD Series enables printed circuit board designers to migrate interconnect components from through-hole to genuine SMT (surface mount technology) increasing packaging efficiency, freeing-up PCB real estate, increasing manufacturing yield and reducing manufacturing lead time. The SMarTconn genuine SMT design allows for soldering of components on both sides, further simplifying designs, reducing set-up costs and streamlining processes.

The 930-D-SMD Series features wire entrance parallel to the PCB. Products are shipped in tape and reel packaging and are supplied with a pick disc that works with standard pick and place tooling.

Part Number: SMarTconn

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