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SMD NTC Thermistors Measure Temperature Precisely

SMD NTC Thermistors Measure Temperature Precisely

Two new series of narrowly toleranced EPCOS NTC thermistors from TDK Corporation come in EIA 0402 and 0603 SMD case sizes. These components have a rated resistance of 10 kohm in tolerance classes ± 1, ±3, and ±5%.  The narrow tolerances were achieved with a new production technology and rugged glass passivation, which also ensures high reliability and degradation stability.  The slope of the characteristic curve (B value: 3455 K) has a narrow tolerance of ±1 % across the board.  With their short response time, the new NTC thermistors enable fast and precise temperature measurement across a wide range.

These SMD NTC thermistors are available in two series:  the automotive series, qualified to AEC-Q200 and suitable for applications up to +150°C; and the standard series for applications up to +125°C.  Applications include electronic control units, air conditioning systems, and temperature monitoring of batteries and charging systems.  In addition, the temperature management of high-performance LEDs, which are rapidly replacing conventional halogen and xenon headlights, is also a growing area.  Other diverse applications are found in communications equipment, including charge monitoring of batteries in mobile devices and temperature monitoring of LCDs, amplifiers, hard disks and digital cameras.

Delivery is from stock with price ranging from $0.04 to $0.15 depending on type and quantity. 

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