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 Short Stroke Key Switches Mount On Pc Board

Short Stroke Key Switches Mount On Pc Board


C&K Components has expanded its product line of compact PCB-mounted switches to include two new medium power switch series that feature either momentary or locking actuation configurations.

The PVA Series short-stroke key switches are designed for through-hole PCB soldering, and are available in either DPST (double pole, single throw) or DPDT (double pole, double throw) configurations.  With five different actuator height options from 13mm to 23mm and actuation force of 1.2N, 1.7N or 3.5N, the PVA Series switches can be utilized in a wide variety of control panel, industrial or automotive applications where there is a restricted footprint available on the PC board and a limited throw distance.

The PVB Series low-profile push switches are designed for surface mount or through-hole soldering and are also available in SPDT (single pole, double throw) or DPDT (double pole, double throw) configurations.  With a fixed actuator height an operating force of 3N, the PBV Series switches feature locating pegs to facilitate proper insertion onto the PC board.

The PVA and PVB Series switches feature silent and smooth actuation, with the option for either momentary or locking (push-push) functionality.  The PVA Series switches are rated for 32VDC/3W, with an operational life of more than 100,000 cycles.  The PVB Series switches carry ratings of 14VDC/1.4W and 2.8W, with an operational life of 100,000 cycles.

Available in bulk packaging, the PVA Series switches are available with several colors and styles of buttons (ordered separately).  The surface-mount PVB Series switches are sold in tape-and-reel packaging and are compatible with automated pick-and-place equipment.

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