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Right Angle Shrink DIP .070" (1,78mm) Pitch Strips

Mill-Max has added right angle options to our line of .070" (1,78 mm) pitch connectors. These single row right angle sockets and headers can be combined with vertical .070" (1,78 mm) pitch connectors for a variety of interconnect configurations. Additionally, the .070" (1,78 mm) pitch spacing allows for higher density packaging than .100" (2,54 mm) pitch, while providing the same current carrying capacity and mechanical strength.

The right angle header and socket pair are perfect for board edge daisy chain applications or mix and match with vertical sockets and headers to mate boards perpendicular to each other. The 871 series right angle sockets are designed to accept device leads as well as mate with the 870 header series. These sockets allow for versatility in orientation of display & imaging chips built on the Shrink DIP platform. Another feature of the 870 & 871 series interconnects is that they provide a low profile above board height of just .104" (2,64 mm.)

The 870-10-0XX-20-001000 and 871-43-0XX-20-001000 are available in 2 -21 positions (XX=02-21) and are RoHS compliant: sockets have tin-plated shells and gold-plated contacts; headers have gold-plated pins. Hard gold-plating, on both the 870 series header pins (10u") and the 871 series receptacle internal contacts (30u"), provides optimum conductivity and effective wear resistance. Both connectors have high temperature insulators suitable for RoHS soldering processes.

All pin headers and receptacle sockets feature high-speed screw machined pins and receptacles manufactured to precision tolerances. Inside each 871 series receptacle is a precision stamped Beryllium Copper Mill-Max #30 contact clip with a pin acceptance range of .015-.025" (.38 mm - .63 mm) diameter and a current rating of 3 A.

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