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Right Angle Pins

Right Angle Pins

Mill-Max introduced a series of discrete right angle pins.  The 37XX-0 pins are available in four different diameters and are suitable for plugging into receptacles and/or soldering into printed circuit boards.

The four standard diameters available in the 37XX-0 series are 0.020", 0.025", 0.030" and 0.040" (0.51 mm, 0.63 mm, 0.76 mm, 1.02 mm).  These sizes are useful in satisfying a range of requirements for strength, pitch, board hole size and current carrying capacity.  The 37XX series is ideal for any situation where a right angle connection is required.  They can be soldered on to a daughter card and plugged into receptacles or connectors on a mother board for perpendicular board mating.  They can also be combined with right angle receptacles or connectors to mate boards in parallel (daisy chaining).   These brass pins are precision-machined and bent and are closely monitored to produce pins with consistent bends each time.  The tips of the pins have a full radius shape making them easy to plug into board holes or receptacles.  The standard plating options are 200 micro inches pure tin, matte finish over nickel or 10 micro inches gold over nickel (other plating options are available upon request).


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