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Reed Switch Product Line

Reed Switch Product Line

Littelfuse, Inc. has released the MACD-14 and MASM-14 Series, a high-precision extension of its reed switch product line. (The MASM-14 is the surface mount version of the MACD-14.) These reed switches have close-differential characteristics that benefit customer applications with space limitations and strict requirements for accuracy. In addition, the MACD-14 and MASM-14 Series allow circuit designers to enjoy enhanced layout and design flexibility.

The MACD-14 and MASM-14 Series offer these key features and benefits:

•  Through-hole, surface-mount and custom forms provide layout and design flexibility

•  Hermetically sealed switch contacts are not affected by harsh environments

•  Close differential (low close/open hysteresis) provides precise switching  for applications with limited space

•  Switching capability of 200 Vdc at up to 10 Watts provides high load switching capability and flexibility in a compact package

•  Available sensitivity range of 10-30 AT for high-accuracy performance under all operating conditions

Availability  The MACD-14 reed switch and MASM-14 surface-mount reed switch are available in three different models and in minimum order quantities of 250. The MASM-14 is also available with tape and reel packaging. 

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