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PTC Thermistor Modules Offers Higher Sensor Density

PTC Thermistor Modules Offers Higher Sensor Density

WAGO introduces a PTC Digital Input Module (750-1425) featuring eight channels for connecting to PTC thermistors. Up to six PTC thermistors can be connected in series per channel minimizing system footprint. Benefits with the 750-1425 include:

·     On-board diagnostics for short circuit, wire break and out-of-measurement range 

·    Overload protection of motors within I/O node

·     Configurable via WAGO- I/O- CHECK or by GSD file

·     Red/Green LEDs indicate over-temperature and wiring errors


The 750-1425 is ideal for connecting to motor thermal monitoring PTC thermistors per DIN 44081/44082 standards.


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