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Power Connector System Available in Two-to-Six Circuit Harness Assembly Options

Power Connector System Available in Two-to-Six Circuit Harness Assembly Options

Molex Inc. announces the addition of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 circuit harness connector components to its EXTreme Guardian™ Power Connector system.  The new components include non-overmolded latching cable receptacle housings, terminal position assurance clips (TPAs), and latchable vertical and right angle headers providing power supply manufactures with more options when designing for the high-current density needs in the computing and telecommunication markets.  The EXTreme Guardian system delivers power of 80.0A per blade (185.0A per inch) in a small form factor while providing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding options.

The EXTreme Guardian solution is UL and CSA certified and capable of handling up to 600 V, supporting high voltage with the lowest feasible voltage drop and I2R (irreversible dissipative power) losses.  It has recessed terminals and features first-mate/last-break (FMLB) capability to allow hot-swapping of power units for reduced network downtime.  The PCB headers use locating pegs that allow accurate through-hole positioning of the connector on the board and are available in through-hole solder and press-fit for additional manufacturing options.  The harness crimp terminals accept 10, 8, 12/12 or 6 AWG wire and can minimize terminal back out issues with a terminal position assurance (TPA) option while an integral latch secures the cable from accidental disconnection. 

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