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Pluggable Printed Circuit Board Terminals

Wieland Electric Inc. introduces its new pluggable printed circuit board (PCB) terminals. Wieland's 3.5 millimeter pitch high density PCB connector provides an extremely high density design while still maintaining a pitch that is easy to work with. The angled PCB headers are particularly designed for contacting automation technology control devices or controllers.

The newly designed PCB headers from Wieland Electric offer a particularly high contact density inside a compact housing. The two-tier and three-tier headers are available in 2 to 16 pole designs per tier, in straight or angled versions, with or without latching flanges for mating connectors. The three-tier version, wiecon 8513 SDGN, is a true market innovation, featuring a maximum of 48 poles for the connection of 1.5 mm² wires. The two-tier terminal blocks, wiecon 8513 SEGN, provide up to 32 poles. The Wiecon 8513 BS mating plug connectors are equipped with push-in technology for quick wiring without tools.

The PCB headers are highly temperature resistant and meet EN 61760-1 standards. They are ideally suited for the lead-free THR (through hole reflow) soldering process used in surface mount technology. Due to their highly accurate spacing, the headers can be fitted automatically, even when both sides of the PC board are used. The PPA (polyphthalamide) material with which they are made shows a high tracking resistance, with a comparative tracking index (CTI) value over 600. The angled PCB headers are ideal for contacting control devices or controllers in automation technology, and feature corresponding cut-outs at the front panel.

Wieland Electric Inc.
Part Number: PCB Headers

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