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Plug-and-Play Junction Box Provides Versatility, Modularity

Amphenol Industrial introduces the versatile and economical ModLink junction box. This modular plug-and-play system allows manufacturers, distributors, installers and owners/operators to insert ‘smart’ modules as needed at any time onto the back of solar panels. Apart from the smart module, no additional components are needed to upgrade the system and no components need to be discarded.

Designed to allow PV module manufacturers to introduce smart junction box technology at no additional cost or logistical effort, the ModLink junction box base has built-in industry standard connections that allow a direct connection between panels using jumper cables available in various standard lengths. The ModLink base can accept a range of smart modules such as DC/DC converters/optimizers, micro-inverters or monitoring modules.

Comprised of a base unit that is thermally separated, yet firmly attached to the back sheet of the PV panel, Amphenol’s ModLink base includes protective diodes and built-in connectors ready to be used as a basic junction box. Upgrades can be made at any time to the box by simply disconnecting the connectors, snapping in the smart module and reconnecting the connectors. Similarly, smart modules can be exchanged or removed at any time with minimal interruption to solar installation.

The ModLink modular junction box provides an ideal solution for all solar partners. It allows panel OEMs the ability to offer brand neutral smart technology at minimal cost, distributors the ability to simplify stock while providing a wide variety of options to customers, installers a fast and simple installation process utilizing the latest technology and owners and operators the ability to upgrade panels at anytime with the latest technology available.

The cost of the base unit is comparable with a conventional junction box and is available with customized options to fit a variety of applications.

Amphenol Industrial
Part Number: ModLink

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