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Multi Wheel Miniature Rotary Encoder/Switch Provides Accurate One-Finger Control

Multi Wheel Miniature Rotary Encoder/Switch Provides Accurate One-Finger Control

Elma Electronic Inc. now offers a miniature rotary encoder that includes an illuminated 8+1 joystick, enabling seamless, accurate control using just one finger. The new Multi Wheel Encoder features Hall Effect sensed incremental encoder output and 12 detents with magnetic indexing to ensure proper alignment and positioning through the life of the encoder.

The rotary encoder comes standard with IP66 sealing, with an outer O-ring ensuring secure front panel sealing.  Measuring 10.5 mm x 30 mm, the switch incorporates a low profile design for easy incorporation in space constrained environments. The compact, reliable and long-life Multi Wheel is ideal for test and measurement in outdoor environments as well as for use in industrial control environments. It is also well suited for aviation cockpits and for transportation and construction applications. Front or rear mounting is easily accomplished using two self-tapping screws that are driven into the switch's hard polycarbonate body. The front end is metal with clear or black matte plating for a sleek, durable finish.

The encoder's communication interface incorporates a UART output that sends an 8-bit command for every encoder step and joystick actuation, as well as an LED control input with a proprietary protocol. The independently-controlled, backlit LED offers full color RGB spectrum with different brightness levels. Encoder life is 1 million revolutions and joystick life is 500,000 actuations.  Operating temperature is -20°C to +70°C and a 3 VDC power supply is required for proper Hall sensor operation. 

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