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Molex Intros Sealed Mizu-P25 Miniature Waterproof Connector

Molex Incorporated recently announced the availability of Mizu-P25 Miniature Waterproof Connectors. The space-saving 2.50mm (.098" pitch Mizu-P25 connector is the first and only sealed wire-to-wire system of its size in the market certified to the IP67 standard to help ensure the highest levels of protection. Mizu-P25 connectors are available in a low-voltage version rated up to 125 volts and a high-voltage version rated up to 250 volts.

Designed in Japan, the word ‘mizu’ means water in Japanese, and the ‘P’ designates the Mizu-P25 connectors as dust-proof and water-proof,” says Yumi Fukui, global product manager, Molex. “The IP67 rating optimizes mating and signal integrity in rugged environments, making the Mizu-P25 connector ideal for demanding performance requirements in motorcycles, vending machines, air conditioners, and any application packing more and more electronics into increasingly tighter spaces.”

Mizu-P25 connectors incorporate color coding of housings, low-insertion terminal design, and other design features to simplify operator assembly. A raised-body male terminal design provides polarization to prevent accidental mismating. The integral watertight seal stopper and positive locks ensure secure mating retention. A cap lock system provides low terminal insertion force and high sealing performance. The spring-beam design affords high pressure and small deflection in high-vibration applications.

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