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Image courtesy of Souriau
<p>(Image courtesy of Souriau).</p>

Modular Rectangular Connectors

Souriau's MQuick range of rectangular connectors features a complete selection of components built around a range of standard modules, mechanical connections and accessories. It allows end-users to create the interconnections that meet their dimensional and technical requirements. It consists of 18 male and female modules that are able to accommodate crimp contacts, straight PC tail contacts, and 90° PC tail contacts.

Modular in design, the MQuick range delivers the flexibility you need for cabin connections and meets the interconnection standards of the two major commercial aircraft manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing. "The new MQuick range pushes the boundaries of modularity all the way to the inserts and provides total technical and logistical flexibility," says MQuick Product Manager Morgann Forlorou.

The MQuick range's push-pull function also makes it easier to install and maintain cabin environments, such as on-board systems. "MQuick is a standard offering that will enable us to easily cater to the proprietary needs of our clients," adds Forlorou.

The MQuick range of modules, mechanical connections and accessories will be consolidated into a comprehensive single-module offering by late 2016. 

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