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Mirror Control  Switch for Automotive And Industrial Applications

Mirror Control Switch for Automotive And Industrial Applications

C&K Components has developed a new series of 4-way adjustable direction switches for automotive and industrial mirror control applications. The CS-41001E Series features customizable wire harnesses and connectors to ease the assembly process. The rugged 4-way switch has brass or tin-plated terminals that provide a long operating life span of 10,000 cycles minimum.

The rugged CS-41001E Series switches are designed with a high-operating force to take user abuse and provide long life cycles, making it an ideal choice for vehicles and harsh industry settings.  In addition, users can take advantage of the switch's customization options, as well as C&K's module and assembly manufacturing capabilities that can reduce the number of vendors and lower overall costs, while exceeding performance requirements.

C&K's engineering expertise enables the refinement of the CS-41001E Series 4-way adjustable direction switch's sound (tunability), feel (haptics), and control (interface) to suit customer preferences.  C&K is skilled at incorporating custom graphics, logos, textures and finishes onto the critical surfaces that are important to the end user. Using two-shot molding, paint and laser etch, pad printing, and plating, the decorative solutions are designed to standout.

Featuring a wide operating temperature range of -40 ºC to +90 ºC, the 4-way CS-41001E Series has a contact rating of 0.2 A @ 12 VDC, and a dielectric strength of 500 V AC. Operating forces range from L-OFF, R-OFF of 200 +/- 100 gf; OFF-L, OFF-R of 400 +/- 200 gf; and a 4 direction of 500 +/- 200 gf. The CS-41001-E comes in 256-piece packaging.


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