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Miniature Triaxial Accelerometers

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced that the Endevco® 35A miniature triaxial ISOTRON® piezoelectric accelerometer is supporting the high-precision shock and vibration testing of hard drives, electronic peripherals, engine rotor and stator blades, as well as their associated components.

Offering industry best-in-class low-impedance output for its dimensional size, the shear mode Endevco 35A provides a complete measurement package for the collection of IEPE acceleration data across three orthogonal axes. The integral internal amplifier of the model 35A converts high-impedance accelerometer charge input into low-impedance voltage output. Output is transmitted through the same wires that supply required 4 mA constant current power. Signal ground is connected to the outer case. The unit is delivered with pre-installed fine gauge (34 AWG) wires as output leads, all of which are easily field repairable. A new lead assembly may further be factory reinstalled. Also included is the four-conductor Endevco 3027AM5-120 cable terminating in three BNC connectors. The cable is shipped as an accessory for installation by the customer. A tool is also provided for easy field installation and removal. Units weigh just 1.1 grams without cable and are adhesive mounted for minimized mass loading.

With its extremely small size, the Endevco 35A is ideal for the triaxial shock and vibration testing of electronic components and equipment; scaled model vibration; automotive component vibration monitoring; and biomedical research. It is also a popular choice for the analysis of engine rotor and stator blades. The unique size, output and triaxial measurement capabilities of the 35A allow for blade modes to be studied at various rotating speeds, assessing mutual interaction between rotor and stator during pass-by, with the unique advantage of measuring both bending and torsion motions of a single blade acceleration vector.

Meggitt Sensing Systems Measurement Gp.
Part Number: 35A

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