Power Electronics

Miniature Plier-style Clips with Long PVC Insulators

Mueller Electric Company, Inc. has announced the introduction of models BU-46A-XL and BU-46C-XL, a series of miniature plier-style clips with long PVC insulators, designed for applications in which additional shielding may be required, such as testing, trickle charging and timing.(X represents colors 0 Black, -2 Red)

The Mueller Electric model BU-46A-XL is constructed of copper-plated steel, rated to 50 A, and the BU-46C-XL is constructed of solid copper, rated to 75 A, with heavy-duty plated spring and matched clinching ears to grip the wire securely at the end of the leg. The clips are assembled with PVC insulators in red or black, with crimp or solder connection. Jaws are also able to secure solidly on terminals, with quick and sure wire attachment.

Mueller Electric Company, Inc
Part Number: BU-46A-XL

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