Power Electronics

Mezzanine Connector

FCI announces the release of the FCI MezzoStak(TM) 0.5mm-pitch mezzanine connector, a hermaphroditic "mates-to-self" design that uses the same part number for both mated sides. This highly efficient technology reduces engineering, financial, administrative and supply chain maintenance burdens by 50 percent.

The connector's easy mating supports low-cost, worry-free usage for assembly personnel and end-users. Guidance features assist users with handling and use of this precision micro-miniature connector, and polarization prevents errors in PCB placement and mating.

MezzoStak's tough physical construction surpasses similar consumer-grade products making it ideal for industrial, commercial and high-reliability applications. Dual-point terminals assure redundant electrical contact. A short mating point and long wiping action reduces mechanical risk while a high un-mating force increases connection security. The connector operates in extreme temperature range of -40 to 125°C. Additionally, its high durability design insures performance up to 50 mating cycles.

The connector, which is available in a standard version that provides solderable hold-downs for supplemental PCB support and a short version that eliminates hold-downs to conserve PCB space, has a PCB stack height range of 4-7mm and in 20 to 70 positions depending on configuration.

Part Number: MezzoStak

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