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MEMS Fabrication Facility Expanded to Meet Product Demands

MEMS Fabrication Facility Expanded to Meet Product Demands

In an effort to meet demand for MEMS-based accelerometer chips and modules, Silicon Designs has completed the second phase of an expansion plan for their major wafer fabrication facility at their headquarters in Kirkland, Washington. Added operations include new sense element and chip fabrication, a cleanroom, new product quality testing equipment, and additional 4” MEMS wafer manufacturing, totaling a $7 million investment.

Included in the 5,000 square feet expansion are custom ovens, shakers, and survivability testing technologies. The expansion doubles production capacity and will help for in the production of new wafer formulations that will offer enhanced durability, stability, shock survivability, and temperature performance. Silicon Designs specifically aims to increase production of its 1521 low-noise high-performance MEMS variable capacitive accelerometer series by fifty-fold, after an increased demand for the product.

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