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Low Mass Piezoresistive Shock Accelerometers

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Endevco model 7265A series, a family of low mass piezoresistive shock accelerometers, weighing just six grams, designed to support the low-frequency shock measurement requirements common to aircraft flutter testing, biomedical motion studies, road load data acquisition (RLDA) and other applications in which minimal mass loading and a broad frequency response are required.

The series is offered in two unique versions: model 7265A, with a 5 mV/g sensitivity and a full-scale range of 100 g; and the model 7265A-HS, offered with a high sensitivity of up to 25 mV/g and a 20 g full-scale range. Their high-reliability design incorporates the use of two MEMS gages (gauges) in a full active bridge circuit configuration with two fixed resistors for shunt calibration. In addition, viscous damping is included to extend transducer useful high-frequency range and reduce the effects of spurious high-frequency excitation. This configuration provides a 500 mV full scale low-impedance output with 10 VDC excitation. Integral mechanical stops are also included to further prevent damage when the transducer is subjected to over-range shock.

Recommended accessories for the Endevco model 7265A series include the model 136 three-channel or model 4430A signal conditioner, or the model 4990A (Oasis) signal conditioner and power supply. In addition, each Endevco sensor is accompanied by a comprehensive five-year product line warranty. Quantities of the 7265A series are also available for immediate customer shipment.

Meggitt Sensing Systems Measurement Gp.
Part Number: 7265A

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