Power Electronics

Lightweight, Sealed MIL-DTL38999 Series III Style Connector

ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a MIL-DTL38999 Series III style connecter capable of superior performance in low-pressure applications. The new KJAYA Series connector utilizes lightweight aluminum shells that not only provide a sealed, watertight and airtight solution for pressures up to 15psi, but reduce the overall weight of the connector by as much as 25% as well.

ITT ICS' new connector series features copper-based contacts for reduced electrical resistance as well as drop-in PC tail connectors for fast termination to the PCB or flex circuitry. Additionally, connectors employing crimp contacts are also available, equipped with standard M39029/57 short socket contacts for pin and socket layouts. These crimp-terminated cables are offered in a full design range of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III insert patterns with contact sizes 22, 20, 16, and 12. Wall mounting and jam-nut receptacle versions varying from shell sizes 9 to 25 are also available.

The aluminum shells provided in the KJAYA Series connectors make it ideal for aircraft bulkheads, avionics, ground radars, radios, battery packs and weapon controls and military video surveillance systems, and other various applications.

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