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LED Array Holder Provides Single Piece, Solder-Free Connector

Molex Incorporated announces that its solderless LED Array Holder is now compatible with Sharp Zenigata LED lighting products, including the 15W, 25W and 50W Mega Zenigata and the 4W-15W Mini Zenigata. The Molex LED Array Holders provide unique compression contacts to power the arrays while eliminating the need for hand soldering or expensive Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. Ideal for light fixture original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the holders reduce installation time and increase connectivity options while lowering costs. The solderless screw-down connection allows for a standardized manufacturing process, adding to the design flexibility. In addition, Sharp has specifically developed a new contact pad structure for use with solderless LED Array Holders.

Molex's LED Array Holders are ideal for all general illumination applications including downlighting, architectural lighting and area lighting. With a double-ended wire trap terminal, the holders simplify array assembly by allowing flexibility in wire orientation to achieve optimal wire routing. A releasable wire trap enables field replacements and facilitates upgrades to current applications. The thermoplastic housing supports high heat-generating environments and the holders comply with UL 496 specifications. In addition, for the Mega Zenigata Molex offers an optional LED protective cover that aligns with Zhaga specifications.

Molex Incorporated
Part Number: LEC Array Holder

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