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IP68 Power Connectors Designed For Harsh Environments

IP68 Power Connectors Designed For Harsh Environments

Hirose has strengthened its circular power connector product offering with the development of the HR41 Series weather-resistant connector. The IP 68-rated, waterproof connector is designed specifically for outdoor use in applications such as lighting (LED lighting, street lamps, tunnel lighting, marine/boating, agriculture and construction site lighting), base station transceiver systems (BTS) and electronic toll collection (ETC) systems.

When in the mated condition, the unique waterproof gasket design prohibits water intrusion while submerged in up to 2 m water depth for 14 days. Featuring a lightweight and corrosion-resistant plastic body, the HR41 Series connector incorporates high lightning surge protection (15 kV), salt spray resistance (no corrosion after 1500 hours of salt spray) and high withstanding voltage ratings.

The HR41 Series is designed with sequential contact mating and sacrificial contact points for hot swap capability. Optimized for field assembly, the HR41 Series has a user-friendly bayonet lock with raised tactile plug alignment indicator and a secure cable clamp design. A highly reliable crimp contact ensures a safe and secure connection, and termination can be accomplished with a commercially-available crimp tool.

Available in either a three-position flange type or a five-position bulkhead type, the HR41 Series has an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C, a contact resistance of 2 mohms maximum at 1 A, and an insulation resistance of 5000 MW maximum at 500 VDC. The three position HR41 Series has a withstanding voltage rating of 4260 VAC, rated voltage of 400 V AC/DC and a rated current of 20A. The five position version has a withstanding voltage rating of 2200 VAC, rated voltage of 600 VAC / 400 VDC, and a rated current of 20 A.

The HR41 Series is UL certified, and pending TÜV certification 

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