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Intelligent Position Sensor ICs

Melexis has launched the latest product in its position sensor IC portfolio, based on the company's proprietary Triaxis® technology. The MLX90365 is a 12-bit resolution device that can be used in either linear or rotary position sensing systems. It features fully programmable transfer functionality, selectable analog and pulse width modulation (PWM) output modes, open/short diagnostics and on-board diagnostics.

The MLX90365 delivers the same position sensing functionality as recently introduced with the dual mold package MLX90364. The MLX90365 is produced in conventional SOIC and TSSOP surface mount packages which necessitate passive protection components being put on the PCB, while its 'No PCB' sibling MLX90364 allows for assemblies without attachment to a board. The MLX90365 has both under-voltage detection and over-voltage protection built in. It is also AEC-Q100 automotive qualified. Moreover the sensor has successfully passed extreme robustness validation tests, including long exposures to ambient temperatures of 170 °C.

Incorporating Triaxis® technology, this device can measure the properties of a magnetic field in all three dimensions. The patented Integrated Magnetic Concentrator (IMC®) magnetic film deposited on the surface of the sensor IC along with use of complex algorithms results in reduced signal to noise ratio and enable high accuracy levels being achieved. Application areas suitable for MLX90365 are absolute rotary position sensing, absolute linear position sensing, pedal position sensing, steering wheel position sensing, throttle position sensing and float-level sensing.

The MLX90365 is available in SOIC8 and TSSOP16 housings and is priced at $1.97 USD in volume quantities.

Part Number: MLX90365

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