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Insulation Displacement Terminal Blocks

Insulation Displacement Terminal Blocks

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. (ASI) has introduced DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks that use an extrusion technique to remove insulation on wires before connecting them to a control panel or manufacturing equipment. Connection time is reduced by 70% compared to many other connection systems because there is no need to prepare the conductor or tighten any screws. No extra tools are needed to connect wires to blocks and it only takes a screwdriver to remove the wire from the block. These terminal blocks have a UL rating of 600 volts, 15 amps and accept wires from 20 AWG to 16 AWG. Most importantly, wires are not damaged by insertion or removal.

The metallic part of the block, which is made from a special copper alloy, functions as the conducting body as well as the wire terminator. It has the elasticity to withstand up to 50 wire re-terminations. The 6.2mm footprint is another solution for those panels when space is an issue. The terminal block is available in two versions. The NCS type provides insulation displacement on both sides of the block. The NCV type provides insulation displacement on one side and a screw clamp on the other which is especially convenient for field terminations. Due to the shape and angle of the contact, it is difficult for the conductor to accidentally slip out of place. Removal of the conductor from the terminal block is as simple as lifting the actuator with the use of a screwdriver. Accessories such as jumpers and markers are also available for use with these cost and time saving terminal blocks.


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