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High-Temperature, High-Performance MEMS Accelerometer

Silicon Designs, Inc. (SDI) introduced the model 2276, a high-precision accelerometer with simple four-wire threaded removable connector. Following the launch of its sister model, the 2266, the new SDI model 2276 further offers reliable, continuous operation to +125°C (+250°F), when used with recommended 8-32 volt power supply, along with improved bias, bias TC, scale factor, scale factor TC, and lower noise floor and linearity specifications. The model 2276 is expressly tailored for zero-to-medium frequency applications, offering integral amplification and high-drive, low impedance buffering for precision measurements, and allowing users the ability to completely exchange, move, reposition, and replace accelerometers within a given test setup for greater flexibility, convenience and cost savings.

The accelerometer produces two analog voltage outputs and supports both single ended and differential modes. Signal outputs are fully differential about a 2.5V common mode voltage. Sensitivity is independent from the supply voltage of +8 to +32V. At zero acceleration, the output differential voltage is nominally 0 VDC; at full scale acceleration, the output differential voltage is ±4 VDC. The sensors feature on-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference which eliminates precision power supply requirements. The sensor is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and thermal gradients. Self-calibration is quick and easy. Within standard range (±2 g to ±400 g), most accelerometers continue to operate after sustained exposures of up to 10K g shock and with limited exposure to temperatures above +200°C. Carefully regulated manufacturing processes ensure that each sensor is made to be virtually identical, allowing users to swap out modules with minimal modification.

The low-impedance outputs of the Silicon Designs model 2276 will drive more than 100 meters of cable, with an overall flexibility that allows them to be used within a wider variety of applications, particularly those in which testing requirements necessitate frequent cable replacement, and where higher temperature operation and higher performance specifications may be required.

Silicon Designs, Inc.
Part Number: Model 2276

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