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High-Speed I/O Interfaces from FCI Enable Terabit System Bandwidth

FCI has developed a complete line of high-speed I/O interfaces that enable terabit system bandwidth. Designated the XLerateT Series, the high-speed I/O cabling solutions are available in both copper and fiber optic options scaling from 10 Gb/s to 150 Gb/s, in the three most commonly used industry standard form factors - the SFP+, QSFP+ and CXP form factors. This makes the system ideal for designers of IP-switching and core-routing equipment for applications in networking and massive data centers.

The XLerateT-1X program is built around the SFP+ form factor and its SR (short reach) optical transceivers deliver 25% less power consumption than what the MSA specifies as the maximum value. The XLerate-4X program provides an aggregate bandwidth of up to 56 Gb/s packaged in a QSFP+ form factor. The 12-channel CXP form factor, part of the XLerate-12X portfolio, provides the highest linear density and lowest power consumption per Gigabit.

It provides the complete range of speeds and form factors in both copper and fiber optic options. This enables designers to balance performance and cost, without compromising on flexibility.

Part Number: XLerateT

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