Power Electronics

High-Speed I/O Cabling Solutions

FCI has introduced new high-speed I/O Cabling Solutions. Called XLerateT, it is available in bandwidths from 10Gb/s up to 120Gb/s, and FCI is said to be the only supplier to offer the complete range of speeds in both copper and fiber optic options, making the product line an ideal fit for data center, high-performance computing, and switching applications.

The XLerate portfolio comprises copper and fiber optic solutions that deliver aggregated bandwidth ranging from 10Gb/s up to 120Gb/s in various industry standard-compliant interfaces. The product line is cost-effective in that it simplifies the design process by providing a limited number of discrete components in the link; additionally, it allows installers, OEMs and VARs to go to one source for connectors, EMI cages, transceivers and optical and copper cable assemblies they require. The XLerate solutions support both Infiniband and Ethernet protocols.

XLerate cabling is plug-and-play, with active optical cables (AOC) providing a closed optical system for worker safety as well as to protect the cable from dust contamination. The assemblies are 100 percent final tested, assembled in a clean room environment, provide optimum signal integrity and an aggregate bandwidth of up to 120Gb/s.

Part Number: XLerateT

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