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High-Speed Connector Offers Improved PCB Retention Force

High-Speed Connector Offers Improved PCB Retention Force

Hirose has developed a high-speed connector that employs an advanced pin-in-hole intrusive reflow method to improve PCB retention force and enable a one-time reflow process with other SMT components. The GT32 Series high-speed connector combines the pin-in-hole reflow method with a highly reliable positive locking structure that prevents partial locking, incomplete engagement and accidental disengagement to deliver a rugged and reliable interconnect solution that satisfies demanding automotive specifications.

Featuring a 1.5mm pitch, the high speed GT32 Series shielded connector offers enhanced EMI shielding and low near-end crosstalk (NEXT). Supporting LVDS, USB 3.0 and HDMI 1.4a Type E, the GT32 Series high-speed connector is available in several versions including a 4-position model with transmission speeds up to 3Gbps/pair, a 10-position version with transmission speeds up to 5Gbps/pair, and a 19-position model with transmission speeds up to 2 Gbps/pair.

Resistant to vibration, physical and thermal shock (1000 cycles from -40 °C to +85 °C), sulfur dioxide and heat up to 105 °C, the GT32 Series is well suited for harsh environment applications. With a lock strength of 98 N, the reliable positive lock mechanism features a clear audible tactile click when mated. A lock guard prevents lock deformation and cable snaring during delivery and assembly. Guards do not interfere with unlocking operation. The GT32 Series also utilizes a unique 2-point contact form structure on the crimp contact, with cost effective tin-plating that ensures stable and reliable connectivity.

Customized adapters with various interface connectors are available to provide a solution that meets a wide variety of application requirements. In addition to automotive applications, the GT32 Series is ideal for railway, FA camera, servo amp, medical equipment, PPC and MFP applications.

The GT32 Series is RoHS and ELV (end of life vehicles directive) compliant. With an operating temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C, the GT32 Series has a rated voltage of 30 VAC, rated current of 1 A, contact resistance of 30mW maximum (shielded), and insulation resistance of 100 MW minimum at 500 VDC.

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