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Image courtesy of Hirose
<p>(Image courtesy of Hirose).</p>

High Power Wire-to-Wire Connector Supports 90 Amps

Hirose has designed a new high power wire-to-wire connector system for industrial and medical applications. The EM12M Series single position, snap-in lock power connector supports up to 90 Amps using 22 square millimeter cables. A reliable, multi-point contact design delivers low contact resistance and high current carrying capacity.

The EM12M Series utilizes mating keys and colored housings to prevent mis-wiring in installations with multiple wire-to-wire connectors. Providing additional safety measures, the EM12M Series meets the IEC 60601 finger test to protect field operators from electrical shock.

The EM12M Series features a quick and secure snap-in inertia lock, with an audible click and tactile snap that indicates complete mating. The high power wire-to-wire connector system simplifies assembly, as the receptacle accepts a standard crimp terminal on the receptacle for 38 square millimeter, 22 square millimeter and 14 square millimeter wire sizes. The receptacle also accepts a BUS bar connection. The plug can be crimp-terminated with a standard crimp tool.

"With its circular, multi-contact point design, the EM12M Series high power wire-to-wire connector system minimizes contact resistance to achieve a very high current capability," said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA. "The EM12M Series connector is one of the highest current-rated wire to wire connectors in the Hirose product family."

Well-suited for a variety of high power applications, the EM12M Series connector systems is currently being used in power controller inverter, robot controller, storage battery, medical equipment, base station transceiver, and UPS applications.

The EM12M Series has an operating temperature range of -25°C to +105°C, a contact resistance of 0.5m ohms maximum at 1A, and an insulation resistance of 1000M ohms maximum at 500VDC. The connector has a rated voltage of 600VAC/DC, rated current up to 90A, and a withstanding voltage rating of 3310VAC. The EM12M Series is UL and TÜV certified.

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