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High Power EM30MSD Series Manual Service Disconnect Plug Supports 200 Amps

High Power EM30MSD Series Manual Service Disconnect Plug Supports 200 Amps

Hirose has launched a high power manual service disconnect that protects operators from high voltage shock accidents. Supporting up to 200 Amps, the EM30MSD Series plug connector features a signal contact with an interlocking switch to detect the mating status.

Designed for storage battery, construction machinery, battery-powered forklifts, and hybrid vehicle applications, the small, lightweight service plug physically interrupts the electric circuit when rotated to the "off" position. The EM30MSD Series connector automatically shuts off power when disconnected to avoid hot swapping. Providing additional safety measures for field operators, the plug connector meets the IEC 60601finger test.

The EM30MSD Series has a multiple contact point design that significantly lowers the contact resistance and provides a higher current capacity. The round, multi-contact plug terminal contact structure and bayonet lock systems provides shock resistance to JASO D 014-3 (ISO16750-3). The rugged connector design also features a high voltage rating of 1500 V AC/DC.

With an IP68 rated waterproof housing, the EM30MSD Series connector is configured to prevent water intrusion. The rugged plug connector delivers excellent durability, and is rated to 50 mating cycles.

"This high-power manual service disconnect allows workers to quickly and safely turn an entire system off before starting maintenance on a piece of equipment. The connector also provides IP2X finger protection to further reduce the chances of shock accidents," said Rick van Weezel, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

Standard commercial crimp terminals can be used with the EM30MSD Series manual service disconnect. A JIS C 9711 crimp tool and M8 crimp terminal are recommended.

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