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High Density Rectangular Connector with Enhanced Retention and Solder-ability Features

CW Industries announces a new high density rectangular connector with enhanced retention and solder- ability features that meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-28804 and NAVSEA 3164341 and 3164342 specifications.

Rated at 5 A per contact (with a temperature rise of less than 300 °C after three hours of each contact continuously conducting 5 A), this new padded design is an improvement over the standard version as it provides a means for improved solder flow and for post solder visual inspection. This new connector reduces FOD by eliminating other means such as washers or inserts to achieve a visual quality assurance check CW's custom designed inserts offer enhanced retention to meet high altitude heat and shock vibration requirements. These connectors meet a minimum 80 oz. torque requirement and an 80 lb axial pull out force. Pin counts of 38, 50, 88, 108 and 132 are available with a standard pin length of .250 ±0.025. Other lengths and pin counts are available upon request.

The CCM-20, 21, 22 & 23 series connectors are made of glass filled polyester with beryllium copper alloy contacts that are gold plated in the mating area. The termination end is solder dipped over nickel plating. Typical applications include advanced missile systems, torpedoes, flight guidance systems and other sophisticated military electronics equipment.

CW Industries
Part Number: CCM-20

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