Power Electronics

Hi-Rel Triaxial Connectors

Intelliconnect USA, LLC, now offers an extended range of high-reliability Triaxial connectors to include various adaptors and bulkhead mount jacks for several different cable types. Two new families are now available; the TRB series bayonet connectors and the TRT series featuring a threaded coupling sleeve.

Key features of the TRB and TRT series include low noise, isolated ground and non-constant impedance. These high quality connectors are suitable for high or low volume applications and feature a high integrity clamp construction. They are weatherproof and adapt to both Twinax and Triax cable types. .

TRB bayonet-style connectors are used for quick connect applications. TRT threaded coupling connectors are used in applications requiring enhanced performance. The waterproof TRB and TRT series will withstand immersion in water for 4 hours at 10m depth. .

Triaxial connectors are commonly used in industrial, broadcast and medical applications, including nuclear medicine camera cables where reduced 'noise' or interference levels are required and to ensure accurate measurements in medical dosimeter systems. .

Intelliconnect Triax connectors are double screened to insure high EMC integrity, making them very useful for military and aerospace applications.

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