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Heavy Duty Solid State Relay and Timer

WAGO Corporation's Custom Products Division has shoehorned a 6A Solid State Relay and User-Configurable On/Off Delay Timer into a 6mm housing. Engineered for high cycle applications, 859 Series Solid State devices surpass the performance of 5mm/2A units while providing greater adaptability than 6A 11- and 22mm-wide units. Eliminating electromechanical elements, 859 Series avoids G-ratings common to heavy-duty packaging, injection molding, shipbuilding and non-automotive transport applications.

The DIN-rail Solid State Relay (859-941) and Timer (859-475/001-000) support space-restricted panels with heat dissipation of less than 1W. Both high efficiency devices feature an integrated fused output for overcurrent protection up to 6A. An on-unit LED indicates the Timer's output switching status or Relay's open/closed output status. CAGE CLAMP® COMPACT Spring Pressure provides vibration-proof and maintenance-free terminations for conductors 28-14 AWG.

Solid State Relay: DIP-switch equipped 859-941 Relay provides input voltage ranges of 5-10V, 10-24V and 24-30V and operating temperature range of 0-40°C. Maximum switch frequencies (50% duty cycle): 200Hz (6A), 300Hz (5A) and 400Hz (4A). Output is 19.2-28.8VDC.

Solid State Timer: The 859 Series Solid State Timer carries an on-unit DIP switch, as well as top-mounted adjustable potentiometer - fine tune without removing from DIN-rail. Timer range: 0.25-2 seconds, 1-8 seconds, 5-75 seconds or 35 seconds-10 minutes. Standard operating temperature range is 0-40°C; alternate range is 0-70°C at 5A max (24VDC).

WAGO Corporation
Part Number: 859

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