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Hazardous Area Connectors

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations has updated its third party approvals of the Starline EX and Amphe-EX series of connectors to meet hazardous area classifications and expands its support into new markets. These harsh environment connectors are ideal for use in the mining industry.

Amphenol's Starline EX and Amphe-EX now meet hazardous area classifications for both American and Canadian EX ratings as well as those in Brazil and Australia. Before, the connector line only met hazardous classifications ATEX and IECEx which were prevalent for the European market. All of the connectors in the Starline EX and Amphe-EX series are put through vigorous testing to meet third party approvals, including but not limited to flammability resistance, temperature resistance, temperature rise and hydrostatic pressure testing.

Because they offer a higher level of corrosion resistance in some of the harshest environments, both connector series can be used on the mining industry's surface and underground machinery, crushing and screening equipment, drilling equipment, communications systems and asset locator equipment, where rugged construction and a variety of configurations including copper, coax, fiber optics, Ethernet and hybrid configurations are essential.

Starline EX and Amphe-EX are also perfect for use in petrochemical refining, oil and gas exploration and production, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing. Instrumentation and power supply OEMs looking for various interconnect options can also successfully use the connector series.

Both the Starline EX and Amphe-EX hazardous environment series of connectors are rated to the current AEx (American EX listing per the NEC 505), Canadian EX, ATEX, IECEx, Inmetro, GoST-R and Australian Group/Mining (through TUV Rheinland). The standard Starline connector series is approved to the UL 1977 and CSA C22.2 standards for circular connectors. The connectors also carry gas and dust certifications.

Approved for Zone 1 rated applications, both the Starline EX and Amphe-EX connectors eliminate hard wiring to terminal blocks enclosed in junction boxes and provide quick and safe interconnections to modular equipment.

Pricing for the Starline starts at $150 per mated set. Pricing for the Starline EX starts at $250 per mated set. Pricing for the Amphe-EX starts at $150 per mated set. Pricing for cable glands start at $10 based on cable requirements. Delivery is 8-10 weeks ARO.

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