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Fully Customizable Connector for Military Applications

Fully Customizable Connector for Military Applications

TE Connectivity announces its DEUTSCH CTJ series modules, AS81714 Series II, which are fully customizable for military and commercial aerospace applications.

The DEUTSCH CTJ series modules are made up of a system of wires and components that are interconnected to one another by a standard Mil AS39029 socket contact. The military qualification allows them to be used in either market, giving them the ability to quickly turnaround a change in design based on the customer's need.

The DEUTSCH CTJ series modules have a 360 degree dielectric contact retention designed single pin buss bar feature that provides easy "pin and socket" mating, making it extremely durable. It's designed with standard SAE AS39029/22 socket contacts, delivering increased durability during handling. The modules accommodate common bussings of 6 to 20 contacts in a small area. Internal buss bars are configured to allow connections of various combinations of wires providing environmental resistance and vibration dampening.

 Its modules can be mounted in rails, into chassis or onto circuit boards, making it easy to install, remove and repair. The termination system has environmentally sealed inserts that will withstand hydraulic fluid immersion, eliminating foreign object damage (FOD) issues. 

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