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Front-Access Hybrid Plug-In Connector Handles 100 Amps

Front-Access Hybrid Plug-In Connector Handles 100 Amps

Hirose has enhanced its industrial power connector family with the new PS3F Series: a low-profile, front access hybrid connector that allows mating/unmating of power and signal cables from the plug-in side and eliminates the need for on-site cable wiring. Access from the mating side simplifies cable assembly, installation and maintenance. The PS3F Series is ideal for battery energy storage systems (BESS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and industrial machinery installed close to walls or other machines that have little clearance behind the equipment. Industry applications include battery energy storage containers, data centers, and server farms.

The hybrid PS3F Series' power contacts support up to 100 Amps with rated voltage to 1000 AC/DC. The signal contacts support up to 1 Amp per contact, and interface with two of Hirose's GT8E connectors, utilizing one eight and 10 position connector (18 signal lines total). The power contact structure utilizes a highly reliable clip design with bellows contacts. This blade contact structure features multiple contact points to reduce contact resistance and allow high current carrying capability. The signal lines can be configured in a daisy chain for a serial connection system.

The PS3F connector features a slim design achieved by employing a unique blade contact that supports mounting to a standard 1U rack.  The hybrid connector utilizes a floating structure in which the connector can adjust for misalignment during mating in X and Y directions up to ±2.5mm. This system supports blind mating for a quick and easy plug-in connection.

The PS3F Series is RoHS-compliant, with an operating temperature covering a range of -40°C to +105°C, a rated power voltage of 1000V AC/DC and rated signal voltage 250V AC/DC. The rated power contact resistance is 0.3m ohms and rated signal contact resistance is 60mW, with an insulation resistance of 5000M ohms minimum at 250V DC. 

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