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Fast Locking D-sub Connector System Meets ESA Standards

C&K Components has designed a D-sub connector that features a fast locking system for space applications. The highly reliable fast locking D-sub connector is the only device on the market that meets ESA qualification standards.

The fast locking D-sub connector's unique design provides blind assembly and eliminates the need for screws, washers, and clips during connector integration. The cost-effective fast locking D-sub connector solution allows for maximum time savings during satellite assembly integration tests (AIT).

The D-sub connector can be used with the D*MA and D*M Series D-subminiature connectors in harsh environments. The fast locking system is ESCC QPL-qualified (under reference 3401-085) and can withstand excessively high vibration levels in equipment applications, such as connecting payloads and wiring harnesses.

Several versions are available, including male configurations (with or without back shells), female configurations, savers and hybrid options, with all variations guaranteed to meet the most stringent outgassing and residual magnetism requirements.

No tools are required to set the system, and five fast locking variants provide connection pairings for up to 36 sizes. The D-sub connector operates within a temperature range of -55ºC to +125ºC. A dedicated process identification document (PID) pilots all assembly and control operations, and the D-sub connector consistently meets ESA requalification every two years under the protocol set forth by the CNES (French Space National Agency).

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