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Expanded Range of 1-Wire Sensors

DataNab is expanding its range of 1-Wire temperature sensors as the company builds on its diverse sensor portfolio. The new sensors provide additional low-cost options for temperature monitoring and control applications. DataNab is targeting its 1-Wire products to OEM manufacturers, systems integrators, businesses and end users that require low-cost embedded control or monitoring solutions in temperature-related applications. This includes HVAC and refrigeration, as well as solar, geothermal and other alternative energy systems that use multiple temperature sensors to monitor and track system performance.

New sensors include an ultra-low-cost inline-potted design, a miniature stainless steel probe design that can be strapped to pipes, and a unique flush-mount room temperature design that can be concealed within walls.

The built-in addressability of the 1-Wire chips allow the sensors to communicate to a central controller over a single-cable network in a daisy-chained fashion. This provides a more efficient alternative to legacy solutions that require a dedicated "home-run" cable to the controller from each sensor, eliminating the need for multiple wires and multiple A/D input connections.

DataNab recently released three new temperature sensors to the market:

  • Inline Potted Digital Temperature Sensor: At $10, an ultra-low-cost option with the sensor embedded and potted into the end of a one-meter jacketed cable. This design can be used in almost any type of temperature measurement application,including harsh environments and direct contact with liquids.
  • Stainless Steel Digital Temperature Probe: At $14, ideal for general purpose temperature measurement and sensing liquid temperature in pipes. This probe is just over one-inch in length, with a diameter of six millimeters.
  • Flush Mount Room Temperature Sensor: At $22, this specialty mount room sensor, featuring a plastic threaded case, screws directly into drywall and can be painted over to become virtually invisible. The face of the sensor is three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

DataNab LLC
Part Number: 1-Wire

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