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Dual-Source Lighter And Smaller Military Connectors

Dual-Source Lighter And Smaller Military Connectors

A lighter and smaller military connector has resulted from a collaboration between TT Electronics and Esterline Connection Technologies Souriau-Sunbank. The MABAC 38999 micro circular connectors will maintain the same design features and performance as MIL-DTL-38999, but provide shell sizes smaller than the current smallest shell size 9.

The collaboration in manufacturing and qualification provides customers with a true dual source for the connectors from which the two companies have initiated an EN (Euro Norm) standard qualification process.  Military applications to benefit from the reduced size and weight of MABAC include connectors in avionics, UAVs and autonomous robots military vehicles, communications and tactical radios.

The MABAC size 5 version has the same number of contacts as a size 9 but is half the length, is a third less the diameter, and three times lighter.

With a high-grade thermoplastic insert and silicone elastomer grommet and sealing, the connector is suitable for use in temperatures from -55 to +175 °C. The ratcheting system has a 44 g vibration specification at 125 °C, EMI shielding, grounding and 100% scoop-proof protection are as per D38999.

The first in the series to be released is the MABAC threaded coupling version, which is available in shell sizes 3, 5 and 7. The shell is aluminum alloy or, for sizes 5 and 7, passivated stainless steel with gold over nickel-plated contacts. Aluminum shells can withstand 500 mating and un-mating cycles and that doubles to 1000 for the stainless-steel versions.

A mated connector is sealed to IP67 or, with appropriate cable termination, IP68 and MABAC can withstand immersion in one meter of water for at least 30 minutes.


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