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Door Interlock Switch Provides Detection, Circuit Interruption

Door Interlock Switch Provides Detection, Circuit Interruption

Designed to provide design flexibility by offering latching or momentary actions along with a variety of integration options, C&K's DS Series door interterlock switch can be used for detection and circuit interruption functions.  Ideal for gaming and vending machines, the rugged snap-mount interlock pushbutton switch has a push / pull feature to break power when the machine door is open for trouble-shooting, maintenance or repair.  With a long operating life of 50 k at 10 amp and 100 k at 0.1 amp, the DS Series switches enable a multitude of design options due to their unique construction that combines quick assembly and prolonged performance.

The DS Series interlock pushbutton switches feature rugged copper alloy, silver-plated common terminals and F5-rated, gold-plated over silver alloy contacts for robust performance. Their dielectric strength is measured at 1500 V (50 - 60 Hz at sea level) and insulated to 100 mΩ (minimum) with initial contact resistance rated at 30 mΩ.

The reliable single- or double-pole double-throw DS Series switches are RoHS-compliant and made of halogen-free material.

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