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Disconnect and Fuse Terminal Blocks

WAGO Corporation's new 2006 Series Disconnect and Fuse Terminal Blocks bring the widest fusing choices and segment-leading UL ratings to WAGO Corporation's TOPJOB®S family. Each 2006 block utilizes the compact TOPJOB®S footprint, features dual jumper rows and accommodates conductors 20-8 AWG. The new 2006 Series Blocks serve industrial applications requiring disconnection, isolation and fuse protection of analog signals.

2006 Series consists of push-in termination for ferruled or solid conductors, including WAGO-exclusive pivoting disconnect and blade-style fuse models. To terminate stranded conductors, insert a screwdriver to open clamping unit, insert conductor and remove screwdriver. A blown fuse indicator is optional on all fuse terminal blocks.

Knife Disconnect Block: Atop the 2006-1671 Knife Disconnect Block is a simple, pivoting knife disconnect. The block has a 30A/600V UL rating and shares a profile with Fuse and Through Terminal siblings.

Fuse Disconnect (Pivoting Fuse Holder): Touch-proof Pivoting Fuse Holder secures fuses in a clip for easy and correct fuse insertion/ejection, as well as a spare fuse location. Depending on model, Fuse Disconnect houses 5x20mm, 5x30mm or 1/4'x1 1/4' fuses; blocks have a 15A/600V UL rating.

Carrier Block for Fuse Plug: Fuse Plug Carrier Blocks eliminate contact with live components parts while changing fuses; personnel can retain plugs for safety. Depending on model, the block accommodates 5x20mm, 5x30mm, or 1/4'x1 1/4' fuses; a 15A/600V UL rating is pending.

Blade-Style Fuse Block: Ideal for compact circuit protection, they are compatible with automotive-style fuses or plug-in circuit breakers and carry a 30A/600V UL rating.

Fuse Terminal Blocks offer time-saving accessories including marking and simple push-in jumpers. A convenient test-plug opening is located on each side of fuse or disconnect.

WAGO Corporation
Part Number: TOPJOBS

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