Power Electronics

DIN-Rail Mount Signal Noise Filter

WAGO Corporation's DIN-rail mount 288 Series Signal Noise Filter removes disturbances from incoming power for industrial control panels. The 288-2003 pairs a 10A/120VAC Receptacle, common mode choke and WAGO 740 Series PCB Terminal Blocks on a 1.75'' wide open assembly. Initially developed as a custom product by WAGO's Engineering Services division for aquatic show control systems (dancing water fountains), 288 Series is now a standard product.

288 Series eliminates placing noise filter components outside of panels at upstream power sources. Integrated in a cabinet, the cost-effective unit provides EMI suppression to clean power signals for sensitive controllers or electronics such as data recorders. Employing CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology, 740 Series Terminal Blocks ensure reliability within 288 Series' 0 to +40°C operation range. All terminations are maintenance-free, resisting both vibrations and current-induced thermal cycling.

WAGO Corporation
Part Number: 288

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