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Copper-Clad Aluminum Lugs and Splices

Blackburn® Copper-Clad Aluminum Lugs and Splices from Thomas & Betts, which are designed exclusively for termination on copper-clad aluminum (CCA) cable, are the first to be UL® Listed for this application. Made of aluminum, the lugs and splices are compatible with Thomas & Betts' HEX-FLEX® Die System, an indent-style crimping system that enables die identification on the crimp for traceability, and feature the Color-Keyed® Compression System, which ensures proper connections.

CCA cable is lighter and more flexible than copper, and only slightly heavier than bare aluminum, making termination with conventional terminals and crimping methods challenging. Blackburn® Copper-Clad Aluminum Lugs and Splices, however, properly compress CCA cable for maximum pull-out force and longevity. They also are designed with an oxide inhibitor pre-applied in their barrels.

Blackburn® Copper-Clad Aluminum Lugs and Splices are currently available for 750 and 800 kcmil wire ranges, with additional sizes to be released in response to demand. Additional features include slotted holes to ease installation and narrow tongues for side-by-side mounting on standard NEMA spades.

Thomas & Betts
Part Number: Blackburn

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