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Connectors Offer Wire-To-Wire Positive Locking Connections

XMA Series wire-to-wire, crimp style disconnectable connectors introduced by JST Corporation offer compact size and provide stable contact performance under high vibration conditions. These 2.5mm (.098") pitch connectors are polarized and have a positive locking feature when mating to prevent contacts from making connection until the mating halves are fully mated and locked together. In addition, optional secondary retainers are available to ensure the contacts are fully seated and locked into the housings to prevent accidental release. The positive locking system is design to fit inside the envelope of the mating housing. The receptacle housings have a tapered lead-in to prevent the pin and receptacle contacts from stubbing. Three optional housing keying patterns are also available.

The XMA Series connectors are available with 2 - 6 circuits rated 3A AC/DC (using 22 AWG) at 250V. Molded in a RoHS compliant UL94V-0 rated, glass filled PBT resin. Temperature range is - 25oC to +85oC (including temperature rise in applying electrical current). Contacts are made of tin-plated, copper alloy base material. Wire sizes AWG #26 to #22 are accommodated.

Contacts are offered on standard size reels for semi-automatic or fully automatic application tooling while mini-reels are offered for mini-reel hand tools.

JST Corporation
Part Number: XMA Series

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