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Connectors Cost-effectively Accommodate Lower Current

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations has expanded its ePower connector series to include the IP67-rated ePower 200 for use in smaller scale electro-mechanical systems with a 200 A current limit as well as in power converters, motors for hybrid electric vehicles and high current electrical systems in utility trucks and other heavy equipment vehicles.

The ePower 200 connectors feature integrated EMI shielding and Amphenol's patented RADSOK technology that attains higher current ratings and lower contact resistance in comparison to other contact methods on the market. This versatile new connector operates at 600 V DC with a 200 A rating. In the growing energy storage market, where space is at a premium and budgets are often limited, these cost-effective ePower connectors can replace up to three conventional connectors, saving on space and cost. The ePower 200 features more power in less space with the RADSOK contact system, an electrical terminal based on a hyperbolic grid configuration that allows lower insertion forces and easier mating.

Both user friendly and reliable, Amphenol's unique RADSOK system eliminates the need to run wires through bulky cable glands in traditional three-phase motor assemblies and offers a 40 percent smaller footprint than three EMI shielding cable glands.

The ePower 200 is available in two- and three-pin power configurations with a current rating of 200 A per contact. The connector series feature IP2X style sockets available in crimp, lug or bus bar termination, while cable plugs feature IP2X style crimp pin and can accommodate shielded wires. This new connector also includes an all-aluminum shell, strain relief for jacketed cable incorporated into the shell and outstanding vibration resistance as well as two signal terminals for last mate-first break HVIL purposes.

Amphenol Industrial
Part Number: ePower200

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