Power Electronics

Connector Series Features Top or Bottom Contact Points

Hirose has developed a new series of FPC connectors that can be mated by utilizing either its top or bottom contact points, thus providing engineers with enhanced product design flexibility. Designated the FH39 Series, the FPC connectors feature a low-profile 0.3mm pitch and accept standard 0.2mm FPC, making them the only ultra-low profile ZIF connectors to use standard FPC.

The FH39 Series connectors feature entry chamfers on all sides of the FPC insertion slot to ensure correct insertion and positioning. A flat upper surface and tape-and-reel packaging facilitate quick installation when using vacuum pick-and-place methods. The connectors also feature a spring terminal structure that adapts to the FPC motion and enables high contact reliability.

Halogen-free, as defined by IEC61249-2-21, the FH39 Series connectors have a current rating of 0.2A and a voltage rating of 30 VAC. Contact resistance of the series is a maximum of 100 mA, including FPC and FFC conductor resistance, and the connectors are guaranteed for 10 mating cycles. Pin counts are available from 25 to 67 positions, but contact Hirose for exact pin counts.

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