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Compact Optical Mini-Encoder

Nanotec Electronic US Inc. is introducing the NOE1, the first rotary encoder in a new product series of optical encoders. Due to its compact size, it is ideal for small stepper or BLDC motors applications that require accurate positioning.

In addition to the motor and a good controller, the rotary encoder is an essential component when accurate, high-resolution positioning is called for. Applications in medical technology and other fields require that they have small sizes. In response, drive specialist Nanotec developed the optical 3-channel encoder NOE1, a rotary encoder that fits small stepper and BLDC motors with its compact dimensions of just 20x26x10 mm. Optical encoders measure using photodiodes that read off a code disk. The resolution of the NOE1 is 2000 pulses per revolution. Quadrature increases the resolution to 8000 increments per revolution, which corresponds to 40 increments per 1,8° step for a stepper motor. This makes it possible to measure the commutation angle in field-oriented control operation and enables operation with very good synchronization, even at slow speeds. The line driver for higher interference immunity is already integrated into the small housing.

For BLDC motors, the NOE1 is ideal for use when high-resolution positioning is required. For stepper motors, the NOE1, in conjunction with our closed loop controls delivering performance Beyond MicroStepping (field-oriented control with sine commutation) opens up new fields of application in areas where precision positioning with high torque is required.

Nanotec Electronic US Inc.
Part Number: NOE1

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