Clean gas turbines are more efficient

In the power generation industry, keeping gas turbines squeaky clean is key to getting the best performance — and energy efficiency — out of these massive machines. With this in mind, Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE) of Orlando, Fla., is using its cleantech water wash systems to keep the gas turbines of several energy companies in peak operating condition, thereby increasing energy output, reducing emissions, and improving heat rates.

For example, one of the largest domestic energy retailers recently installed an online compressor wash system from GTE on two GE MS7001EA gas turbines at its Texas plant. By adding the new system, the energy producer not only boosted output, but also is avoiding downtime that would otherwise be needed to clean the compressor. From an environmental perspective, the installation recorded a NOx reduction of 1,958.4 lb per year and 1,468.8 lb per MW-Hr of CO. For more information,???


Gas Turbine Efficiency, Orlando, Fla.,

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