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Image courtesy of TE Connectivity
<p>(Image courtesy of TE Connectivity).</p>

Circular Hybrid Connector for Increased Flexibility and Speed

TE Connectivity has announced a new circular hybrid connector (CHC), primarily for use in controllers for hydraulic and pneumatic valves. The new CHC is the first solution of its kind from TE.

TE's new CHC has 8 power and 4 data contacts and was designed for real-time machine automation applications that require a high-performance data connection and power up to 10A. The connector delivers highly reliable connection technology and meets the demanding durability and quality requirements of real-time Ethernet applications in industrial automation. Using a retrofit platform, the CHC also offers optional inserts with 11 contacts plus PE (protected earth).

Engineered for industrial applications with fast communication, the new connector meets the VARAN standard (Versatile Automation Random Access Network), the Industrial Ethernet based protocol used in factory automation. Typical applications include welding, stamping, milling and injection molding operations. 

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