Power Electronics

Branch Circuit Surge Protection Filters

Zero Surge Inc. "FF1 Series" surge suppression for commercial and industrial applications integrate a patented filter system unlike others to provide unprecedented protection for one or multiple branch circuits. Their unique Spectrum WVR® (Wide Voltage Range) filter technology effectively senses and suppresses power line surges over a wide voltage range, whether power is low at 85V, high at 175V, or anywhere in between. The filters further protect against noise damage by removing EMI/RFI disturbances from the power line. Applications include whole rooms, entire 20 amp branch circuits, and sensitive electronics.

FF1 Series surge filters have never experienced any surge-related failures, fires, downtime, or recalls. Certification by the UL® Adjunct Classification Program for the capability to endure 1,000 worst-case surges without degradation or failure offers the highest U.S. suppression rating (Grade A, Class 1, Mode 1). All units are triple tested on computerized test systems as part of a rigorous quality assurance program.

Standard models include the FF1-8W-120 (8 amp capacity for 120V applications), FF1-20W-120 (20 amp capacity for 120V applications), and FF1-20W-240U (20 amp capacity for 120/240V applications). All are housed in NEMA 1 enclosures with a screw cover and do not require the usual supplemental point-of-use products. Euro connectors are available for simplified wiring and the 20 amp versions can be supplied with flush covers for recessed mounting. Custom solutions can be developed to satisfy particular application requirements.

Zero Surge Inc. manufactures USA-made non-degrading panel mount, plug-in, and OEM power quality filters that suppress worst-case surges and perform EMI/RFI power line conditioning. The products eliminate the surge damage and equipment loss often experienced with sacrificial metal oxide varistor (MOV) type surge suppressors.

Zero Surge Inc.
Part Number: FF1

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